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Dean Kantor

Chief Executive Officer

Dean Kantor, MBA | CFP®, is the Chief Executive Officer of alternative investment company CoreGro, and founder of Refined Wealth, an independent financial advisory firm. His passion behind both ventures is to present clients with unique investment opportunities along with the financial planning strategy and analysis required to significantly grow their wealth.


In the pursuit of pushing boundaries and extending his knowledge, not just for himself but for his investors, Dean has a Post-Graduate degree in Financial Planning, is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) as well as has obtained his Masters of Business Administration degree (MBA).


Dean has spent the last 16 years working across multiple sectors that include financial services, real-estate, private equity and venture capital and in 2018 was nominated for the prestigious Jewish Achiever Entrepreneur Award. Combining his years of knowledge with his entrepreneurial spirit, meticulous and attentive nature, and his passion for discovering and driving new opportunities, his businesses have amassed considerable assets under management.


Dean is not one to shy away from a challenge and is committed to sourcing the most lucrative global opportunities for his high-net-worth clients and investors. To date he has closed numerous deals in both South Africa and the USA.

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